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If you operate an aged care home, you need manad plus. Aged care software that’s designed to be easy to use, support best-practice clinical care, improve communication, manage risks and optimise ACFI funding like no other. Contact us now on 1300 62 62 32 to find out how manad plus can make your life easier and seamlessly integrate into your day.

Why Choose Manad Plus?

Easy to use

Simple, clear screens and no complex navigation make using manad plus a breeze. High levels of computer literacy are not required.


manad plus can work within a variety of hardware environments. Users can enter data on a desktop PC or mobile device.


manad plus has features to take care of all your key administration, clinical, management and financial requirements. From accreditation compliance, ACFI claiming, assessment and care plans to client billing.

Implementation & training

We help you through the entire implementation phase. Our robust planning and comprehensive training eases staff through the change process.

Reliable Partnerships

manad plus can interface with software programs specialising in complementary aspects of aged care, including medication management, general practice, rostering, payroll and accounting.


Real people, real answers. When you call our help desk, you won’t be passed off to an IT generalist. Instead, you’ll speak with a clinical consultant who understands your work and what you’re trying to achieve


manad plus suits organisations of all sizes. Whether you manage 50 or 1,000+ beds you will find suitable tools to meet your needs.

Client satisfaction

Our clients enjoy more ACFI income, less time spent on administration, improved communication and greater care outcomes for their residents.

Select Modules to Best Manage Your Aged Care Organisation








Admin Module

Increases efficiency and reduces the administrative burden of managing an aged care organisation. Lodge events electronically to Medicare Australia– no more double-handling data. Our unique ACFI ‘in-progress’ feature optimises your residential care funding entitlements like no other system can.

Key features:

  • Client database
  • Waiting list
  • Respite bookings
  • Leave, supplements and extra services
  • ACFI appraisals
  • B2B claiming with Medicare
  • Reporting
  • Charting



Care Module

The simple assessment tool is easy to use and automatically generates care plans. Protects against non-compliance issues, and improves clinical decision making. Uniquely designed to automatically update the ‘in-progress’ ACFI score. Powerful analytical reporting tools allow you to audit data to identify trends and generate valuable information.

Key features:

  • Assessments & Care Plans
  • Progress notes
  • Clinical indicators and monitoring
  • Adverse events
  • Comprehensive medical assessments
  • Lifestyle participation
  • Case conferencing
  • Reporting
  • Charts



Communication Module

Get the full picture of events within each home and for each client. Noticeboards and scheduling tools bring together all your important information. The staff messageboard allows staff to stay on top of any new information.

Key features:

  • Scheduling
  • Messageboard
  • Committee agendas & Meeting minutes
  • Noticeboard
  • Correspondence
  • Reference documents
  • Reporting
  • Charting



Management Module

Takes care of all the daily management tasks required to run an aged care organisation. Track and log complaints and maintenance issues. Stay on top of accreditation compliance with an easy-to-use CQI plan, fully integrated with audits and the Communication module. Analysis reports will reveal trends and valuable information (including graphs), making management decisions easier.

Key features:

  • Feedback (comments and complaints)
  • Maintenance log
  • Hazards log
  • Compliance audits
  • Continuous Quality Improvement plan (CQI)
  • Reportable assaults
  • Pet register
  • Reporting
  • Charting



Personnel Module

Easily manage employee information all in one place. Log and report on professional development achievements and incidents that occur while working at the home.

Key features:

  • Employee details
  • Police checks
  • Courses and certificates
  • Employee incidents
  • Correspondence
  • Documents
  • Reporting
  • Charting



Finance Module

Handles all client billing and accommodation bond management needs. Each billing period, with just one click, the module creates all the client’s fixed charges. All information regarding the client’s accommodation bond or in-going contribution can be created and stored, allowing you to generate a variety of useful reports, track bond position/liquidity, and produce prudential compliance reporting.

Key features:

  • Invoicing
  • Receipts
  • Credit Notes
  • Sundry Charges
  • .ABA files
  • Banking
  • Accommodation payments/Bonds
  • Request Register
  • Reporting
  • Charting


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Apps for access while on the Move

The Manad Plus app available is available on all 3 app stores. Apple, Android and Windows! The App allows users to:

  • Easily access Client Information
  • Enter Charting information (such as, Weights, Obs, BGL’s, Behaviours, Bladder and Bowel)
  • View Care Plan details
  • Enter Progress Notes
  • Tick off who has attended an Activity
  • View ACFI details of your clients
  • See a Dashboard overview of key data
  • …plus much more!


Our Support is Legendary


Like anything new, implementing an organisation-wide software system like manad plus can create uncertainty. That’s why we ensure a smooth transition.

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Our trainers are highly experienced Registered Nurses, who have in-depth knowledge and experience in training staff across all levels of computer ability.

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Help Desk

Management Advantage provides a unique support service. Our support team give you access to clinical consultants who understand aged care. Their specialist advice can help you realise the vast capabilities of manad plus.

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User Groups

We are always listening to our clients and involving them in the ongoing development of manad plus.

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Don't Listen to Us, Listen to our Clients

“TLC was one of, if not, the first organisation to submit residential aged care data to Medicare electronically, we did this using Manad Plus. Since then we have continued to use Manad Plus and expanded our use of the system. From wait lists right through the delivery of care, electronic claim submission, to discharge Manad Plus handles all of our needs. Manad are receptive to our input and the system continues to evolve to meet our needs and their support and training is also first rate.”

Tim Humphries

TLC Aged Care, VIC

“When we switched to Manad Plus we found that the whole implementation process went smoothly and training was tailored to our needs. The ongoing support has been very responsive. We achieved significant ACFI gains working with Manad Plus compared to our previous system. We are very happy with the system.”

Angelika Koplin - CEO

Australian Aged Care Group

"One of the main reasons that Manad Plus was selected over the other software providers in the tender process was its perceived ability to be more responsive to client requests, its development program and its service and support record. We can say unequivocally that Management Advantage over the past 6 years has exceeded our expectations and they are held as the benchmark of our suppliers in these regards."

Sue Gilham

Hume Rural Health Alliance (HRHA), VIC