Published: March 20, 2018
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20 March 2018 Rate Updates

Yesterday afternoon the Department of Health released the 20 March 2018 rate updates.

We are currently working on adding these rate updates into the next version update of Manad Plus. Once completed and the version they are in has passed testing we will prepare an update file and push this out to your server so this can be run as per your usual update process.

The upgrade file should be available for Version 5 users to run on Monday 26th March. We will notify everyone again once we have confirmed the exact version number (v5.5.53XXX).

Version 4 users, we will manually run the v4 file update as per our previous rate update process once its version has also passed testing.


• The MPIR applicable to ‘refund periods’ will increase from 5.72% to 5.77% for the period of 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018
• The Base Interest Rate remains unchanged at 3.75%
• Maximum Basic Daily Fee – Standard Resident contribution (includes respite residents) up to $50.16

Read more:

Indexation rates for Residential Aged Care and Home Care Packages and changes to the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR)

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care from 20 March 2018 (.pdf)

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Pre 1 July 2014 Residents from 20 March 2018 (.pdf)

Schedule of subsidies and supplements from 20 March 2018 (.pdf)

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