Published: August 1, 2022
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6 tips for responding to Aged Care Audit Reports

As the industry is no doubt aware, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (Commission) has ramped up its regulatory activity in both residential and home care over the last few months. With unprecedented staffing shortages, many providers, including those with previously flawless compliance histories, are being found to be non-compliant with one or more of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

A finding of “Not Met” with any of the Quality Standards can trigger further regulatory powers and lead to sanctions, or in extreme cases, the revocation of accreditation or even approved provider status. As Notices of Non-Compliance are published, it can affect a providers’ reputation. It is important for providers to take any finding of non-compliance very seriously and do what they can to overturn the finding.

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6 tips for responding to Aged Care Audit Reports

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