Published: December 23, 2019
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Changes to our Assessment methodology now in effect

In addition to the changes to our assessment methodology announced in October’s Quality Bulletin, a new requirement relating to key documents also came into effect on Monday 9 December 2019.

Providers will now be requested to make key documents and information available at the commencement of performance assessments. There is an information sheet on the key documents in the Resources section of our website. It is expected that these documents will be provided to the Assessment Team within one hour of the conclusion of the entry meeting. Early access to this information by the team supports increased effectiveness of time on site.

The other changes announced in October included the introduction of evidence domains for the purpose of collecting and organising evidence during a performance assessment. The use of evidence domains will guide who the Assessment Teams select for interview, the questions asked, the observations made, the documents reviewed, which types of evidence are pursued and lines of inquiry.

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Changes to our Assessment methodology now in effect

Information sheet for providers – Initial documents requested (.pdf)

Regulatory Bulletin – Aged Care Quality Standards performance assessment methodology 5.2 (.docx)

Improvements in quality assessment methodology (OCT)

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