Published: January 29, 2016
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Clarification of claiming ‘Agitation’ in ACFI 8, ACFI 9 and ACFI 10

The Department is aware of recurring errors with ACFI claims involving ‘agitation’. If you are looking to make this claim for a resident it is important that you note the following:

– When making claims in ACFI 8 (verbal behaviour) and ACFI 9 (physical behaviour) you should refer to page 44 of the ACFI User Guide for a clear description of the behavioural symptoms.

– If the assessed care need of the ‘agitated’ behaviour is as a symptom of depression it should be scored in the Cornell Scale for Depression (CSD) and claimed in ACFI 10 (Depression), not ACFI 8 and/or ACFI 9.

– If these behaviours are not related to depression, claims should be made against ACFI 8 and 9.

The ACFI User Guide can be accessed from the department’s website.

Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) User Guide (.pdf)

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