Published: December 22, 2021
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Commissioner’s letter to residential approved providers – Being prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak

Dear approved provider of residential services,

Operating in a COVID-normal environment over the holiday period Holidays provide important additional opportunities for older people, including aged care residents, to enjoy spending time with friends and family and taking part in activities in the community. The pandemic does not alter this fact.

It is up to providers to manage and mitigate COVID-19 risks to aged care residents, including the risks that isolation poses to their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Face-to-face get togethers between residents, family members and friends should be facilitated where they can be undertaken safely and are permitted under public health orders.

In determining arrangements for visitors entering the service, and for residents travelling from and returning to the service, providers should start with a risk assessment. This will inform decisions about measures to be implemented that will maximise the opportunity for residents to take part in social activities as safely as possible.

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Letter – Commissioner to residential approved providers – Being prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak – 22 December 2021 (.pdf)

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