Published: August 16, 2019
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Deeming rates and base interest rate (BIR) changes

As some of you may have realised the Department made changes to the BIR rate…but forgot to notify everyone they had updated the rate and documents and backdated this rate to 1 July.

Finally, on the 13th of August, they decided to inform us of this officially.

Luckily one of our eagle-eyed Manad Plus users noticed this change and let us know. We released a mini-release note on Friday 9th August with the changes and then made the version available to be installed first thing on Monday 12th. If you are running v5.7.08090.0 or higher then you have the latest BIR rate.

So this is old news now but here is the official Department update on the rate change.

Read more:

Deeming rates and base rate (BIR) changes

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care From 1 July 2019 (.pdf)

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Pre 1 July 2014 Residents from 1 July 2019 (.pdf)

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