Published: August 28, 2017
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GEN Aged Care Data

The AIHW and the Department of Health have worked together to develop GEN as part of continuous quality improvement for the NACDC.

The National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse (NACDC) holds data for all recipients of government–funded aged care from 1997 onwards, including prior activity data for those in care in 1997.

The data mostly relate to government–funded aged care programs operating under the Aged Care Act 1997. These include care delivery programs (residential aged care, home care, and transition care) and assessment programs under the Act (ACAP and ACFI). Some programs not covered by the Act are also included, such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (formally the Commonwealth Home and Community Care Program).

GEN gives access to the data and information.

Read more:

GEN Aged Care Data

Factsheets: Admissions into aged care (.pdf)

Factsheets: People’s care needs in aged care (.pdf)

Factsheets: People using aged care (.pdf)

Factsheets: Services and places in aged care (.pdf)

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