Published: February 6, 2017
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IMPORTANT: Incorrect Information Provided by Medicare

We have now heard of several cases where users have submitted ACFI records to Medicare that have been processed and then marked as ‘Rejected’. On calling and speaking to staff at Medicare they have been informed that their software i.e. Manad Plus, has an issue or their software is not updated with the new 1 Jan ACFI changes.

This is not correct! Manad Plus has been updated and passed all testing with Medicare for submitting ACFI appraisals with the new 1-Jan-2017 business rules.

When sending ACFI appraisals you need to correctly select the ACFI Schema based on when the payment date will commence. Therefore, if you have ACFI records where the payment will commence from Dec-16 you need to use Schema A, if payment is to commence from 1 Jan-17 onward then you need to submit using Schema B rules.

If you are unsure then please check the software Release Notes published with the last update and if you are still unsure then contact the Help Desk for clarification, 1300 62 62 32 or

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