Published: May 20, 2022
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Managing Influenza and COVID-19 in residential aged care

Vaccinations for influenza and COVID-19

Vaccines save lives. The best way to protect yourself, your residents, their families and carers and your staff from influenza (flu) and COVID is to get vaccinated.

This winter we expect an increase in influenza cases and with COVID continuing to circulate at the same time, it is important to be protected against flu and COVID.

We strongly encourage you to engage with residents and workers to discuss vaccination options and support the consent process to achieve optimum vaccination coverage.

You should also be assisting in-home and community care recipients and workers to understand how they can access flu and COVID vaccinations.

Having your arrangements in place early so that you can offer vaccinations and boosters to your residents and staff will help to minimise potential outbreaks and severity of disease.

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Managing Influenza and COVID-19 in residential aged care

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