Published: March 18, 2020
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New rules for schools and aged care: PM announces coronavirus restrictions

Aged care visits

There will also be new restrictions to aged care.

Anyone who has returned from overseas in the past two weeks will not be permitted to enter an aged care facility, the PM said.

Those who have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case, anyone with a fever or flu-like symptoms and those who haven’t been vaccinated against influenza after May 1 also won’t be allowed to visit loved ones.

Visits to aged care facilities will also be limited in time and a maximum of two visitors will be permitted at one time per day.

“These may be immediate social supports, family members, close friends or professional service or advocacy workers,” Morrison said.

“Visits should be conducted in a resident’s room, outdoors or in a specific area designated by the facility, rather than communal areas where the risk of transmission to other residents is greater.

“No school groups of any size should be allowed to visit aged care facilities.”

Morrison added all Australians should also practice social distancing when visiting.

Children under 16 are only allowed to visit by exception and those in palliative care will be considered differently.

“It is about protecting the residents at the end of the day,” Morrison said.

“In those cases, we all know how distressing that can be and so the aged care facilities will be asked to put in place sensible arrangements to facilitate those types of visits on a compassionate basis.”

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New rules for schools and aged care: PM announces coronavirus restrictions


Aged Care Visits Restricted

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