Published: August 5, 2019
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New Standards: Stories from the frontline

The new Standards have commenced and we are 1 month in.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed of what we learn as new information is made available.

If you go through a visit from the Commission or your Accreditation, then please let us know, and we can share what you learn with all our Manad Plus users.

A few early items that are being reported from those that have gone through a vist are noted below:

• Make sure you have captured and documented clearly all your resident’s preferences and choices.
• Residents will be interviewed and surveyed by the Commission, the responses they receive will then lead to further questions. The resdients responses will then be followed-up by checking you have documented these responses.
• A few of the key items may be on, diet preferences, sleep preferences, continence management preferences, cultural diversity preferences, and understanding your resident’s wishes.
• Do you have documented and know who is to be involved in care choices for the resident?
• Do all your staff know the new standards as they will be interviewed and asked questions on your homes knowledge?
• Make sure you are no longer transitioning and the new Standards are in place.
• The Commission will check Staff Ratios & Rostering, Position Descriptions, your audits of ratios/staff to ensure the correct staffing mix to be working for your residents care needs.
• The Commission will chcek your Continious Improvement Plan (NOTE: You can show this in Manad Plus, make sure it is up to date and detailed)
• Do you have all your Nurse Registration details for each staff member?
• Do you have an up to date version control on all documents to ensure they have been updated and changed to meet 1 July?
• Have you documented what training has been provided and undertaken regarding the new standards for all staff?
• Do you have a thorough Staff Induction program and does this include training on Manad Plus?
• Do you have evidence that you can demonstrate and identify residents on antibiotics and it has been reviewed?
• Psychotropic medications – Do you have signed consent to show?
• Are you displaying the new Charter of Aged Care Rights and how have families and residents been informed of this?

If any of our users need any assistance with Manad Plus, then please contact your dedicated Client Manager for support or via the Help Desk, 1300 62 62 32 or

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