Published: December 23, 2019
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New storyboards illustrate the Standards

The Commission has recently developed a series of storyboards to assist consumers, staff and other people interacting with aged care services within a rural and remote context to better understand the application of the Quality Standards in a day-to-day context.

Each of the storyboards shows an illustrated scenario that explains how each of the Standards apply, and they have been written with a rural and remote context in mind. As well as a storyboard for the Standards, there are two key concept additional storyboards that illustrate ‘Dignity of risk’ and ‘Open disclosure’.

The storyboards can be used by facilitators when training staff, or by aged care services to help explain the concepts underpinning the Quality Standards to consumers or their representatives.

Read more:

New storyboards illustrate the Standards

Standards storyboards (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 1 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 2 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 3 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 4 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 5 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 6 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 7 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Standard 8 (.pdf)

Storyboard – Quality Standards (.pdf)

Storyboard – Dignity of risk (.pdf)

Storyboard – Open disclosure (.pdf)

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