Published: April 17, 2019
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Outcome 1.6: Human resource management

The Commission continues to update its new website and the details on the Re-accreditation of residential services.

We have also heard from several clients recently that Outcome 1.6: Human Resource Management has been given a greater focus on recent unannounced visits.

Please be prepared for this and as noted:

On the first day of the site audit, the assessment team will provide the person in charge of the service the Numbers of personnel in the service form to be completed. This will assist the assessment team to assess the service’s performance against Expected Outcome 1.6 Human resource management.

This is then combined with observations from the Assessors of the number of staff on duty that day and the tasks they are performing for your residents.

You can assume this is also going to be a key focus in preparation for the new 1 July Accreditation Standards where there is no longer just x1 Outcome but an all-new dedicated ‘Standard 7‘ for Human Resources with x5 Requirements.

One of the 4 key concepts is:

The sufficiency of the workforce – Organisations providing care and services are expected to have enough skilled and qualified staff to meet consumers’ needs. Organisations are responsible for using Australian Government funding to make sure they have the staff numbers and mix of skills needed to provide consumers with quality care.

Specifically, Requirement 7a

• The workforce is planned to enable, and the number and mix of members of the workforce deployed enables, the delivery and management of safe and quality care and services.

Read more:

Re-accreditation of residential services – Outcome 1.6: Human resource management

Numbers of personnel in the service form (.doc)

Fact Sheet EO 1.6 Human resource management for providers (.doc)

Standard 7 – Human Resources (.pdf)

Requirement 7a

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