Published: September 28, 2023
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Prepare for Aged Care Governance Reform: “Statement of Compliance” ahead

The Aged Care Royal Commission (ACRC) found significant failures in approved providers’ governance systems, including a lack of oversight from the governing body and as a result a suite of new requirements have been rolled out targeting these issues. The legislative reforms are aimed at improving transparency and accountability as well as ensuring that approved providers focus on the best interests of their care recipients.

A major part of the reforms is the Governing Body Statement of Compliance and increased reporting of provider operations. These reforms directly relate to the ACRC’s recommendations to ensure annual reporting that will increase scrutiny. One of these new obligations is the requirement to provide a Statement of Compliance on behalf of the governing body. This statement is due no later than four months after the reporting period (i.e. 31 October 2023).

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Prepare for Aged Care Governance Reform: “Statement of Compliance” ahead

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