Published: January 24, 2020
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Research Paper 3 – Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care

New research on international systems and innovations in aged care has identified many opportunities for improvement in Australia, according to researchers at Flinders University

In Research Paper 3: Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care, the authors examine approaches to aged care that are not widely available in Australia. The authors identify a range of approaches that could potentially have benefits in Australia including:

• Supports, such as individualised training, for people with dementia living at home and their carers. There is some evidence such supports delay functional decline and reduce depression among carers.
• System navigators or care coordinators who facilitate streamlined access to care for people with dementia or other chronic health conditions.
• Small, domestic residential care homes that maximise the independence of residents and their participation in daily activities. These small homes can be adapted for specialised needs such as people with dementia.
• Respite services provided in settings aligned to people’s backgrounds, such as farm settings for people with dementia living in agricultural areas.
• Training and accreditation practices to increase awareness and availability of culturally appropriate services for people with diverse backgrounds.
• Telehealth communications that enable better access to health and other care services for people less able to travel or who live in remote regions.
• Remote support of independent living through ‘health smart homes’ that use sensors to monitor a person’s health conditions and signs they need assistance.

Read more:

Research Paper 3 – Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care (.pdf)

Technical Report – Review of Innovative Models of Aged Care (.pdf)

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