Published: July 31, 2018
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Special function to update an individual ACFI to 2018-2019 ACFI rates

As discussed at the User Group Meetings last week there are some cases where after updating to the recent 2018-2019 ACFI Rates Version Update (5.5.56290.0 or higher) you may still have ACFI’s waiting to submit to Medicare via our B2B link.

These scenarios are where your ACFI is for an ‘Initial’ appraisal where the Payment Start Date will be backdated and commencing in May/June (when their admission was) and therefore will need the old rates up until 30 June and then require the new rates applied from 1 July.

We are aware of this and have a solution in place for you to update the ACFI rate for these specific cases once it has been Accepted by Medicare.

If you are running v5.5.57200.0 or higher then you can do this yourself. In this version, we highlight any Current ACFI appraisals that are still using the old rates in red text. When you select these Current appraisals you will find a new option within the Add button called Copy using latest rate. This new function will allow you to update your Current ACFI that has been Accepted by Medicare and roll forward to use the new 1 July 2018 rates.

Note: If you have one of these scenarios and are unsure what to do then please contact the Manad Plus Help Desk for support.

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