Published: March 26, 2018
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Unannounced Accreditation Visits

Are you concerned about unannounced accreditation visits?

You shouldn’t be if you’re using Manad Plus to its full capacity. We have a number of features that allow you to always be on top of each outcome and keep track of where you are up to. The main feature for this is your ongoing Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI). This feature allows you to easily track and report on what improvements you are working on and are still ‘Pending’ completion, what has been finalised and ‘Completed’ and which improvements have been ‘Evaluated’ post-completion to ensure they are still working as intended.

To further assist with your compliance with the Standards there is also the Audits feature to conduct your own self-audits on how you are performing against each outcome. Results from the audits and new tasks can then be linked back to your CQI Plan to implement or you can take the results to the Meeting feature by creating ‘Discussion Items’ to add to your Agenda(s).

If you don’t believe you are using these features and Manad Plus to its fullest capacity and want to ensure you stay on top of your accreditation then please contact your dedicated Client Manager to discuss your needs.

You can easily set up a training session (either online or onsite) to ensure you are always compliant and on top of each outcome, no matter who comes knocking on the door!

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