Published: February 10, 2022
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Upgrades to Services Australia’s aged care digital claiming and events

As we have communicated previously, we have been working with Services Australia to prepare Manad Plus for upgrades they are making to their digital health and aged care channels.

These upgrades will see aged care digital claiming and event transmission via Business to Government (B2G) software move from adaptor technology to web services technology.

By 13 March 2022, aged care providers will need to use web services compatible software to access the B2G channel for Aged Care Web Services. Aged care providers can continue to use the Aged Care Provider Portal to process claims and events.

We are currently going through final testing for each of the event types (Admissions, Departures, ACFI, Leave etc.) as we work towards receiving our Notice of Integration (NOI) from Services Australia.

As soon as we have received our NOI, we will let you know which Manad Plus version this new option will be available in and how to activate it. In the meantime, and until we release the new version, to move to the new web services, there are some things each organisation will need to do that we cannot do for you.

Changes to Authentication for Business to Government (B2G)

In addition to the upgrade, Services Australia is moving its authentication for B2G from Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

PRODA is an online verification and authentication system that verifies an organisation or individuals’ identity online. It enables secure access to multiple government online services, including Services Australia’s digital health and aged care channels.

Why are these changes happening?

These changes will ensure Services Australia’s digital health and aged care claiming channels are stable and using up-to-date industry-standard technology.

They will also ensure that patient and provider information is secure, now and into the future.

What this means for you

Manad Plus will be updating your B2G software to support the upgrades to Aged Care Web Services.

You, however, will need to register your organisation in PRODA by 13 March 2022, as PKI authentication will cease for B2G.

Important: Manad Plus will not be able to set your organisation up for PRODA.

For more information, go to How to register an organisation. You can do this now and don’t need to wait.

Once you have the Manad Plus version for web services installed

You will need to:

1. Register and activate a ‘Device’. Learn how to register, activate and manage Business to Business (B2B) Devices in PRODA, at: Managing B2B Devices.
2. Enter the Device Name & Activation Code into Manad Plus.
3. Complete the ‘Register or update for Aged Care web services form (AC027)‘ to set up your device for Aged Care web services.
4. Return the AC027 Form and any supporting document(s) by email to:


Medicare PKI certificates are used for purposes other than digital claiming or transmitting data to Services Australia. You may still need your PKI certificate to authenticate for other programmes.

For more information

If you would like to know more about web services and the upgrades to B2G visit:

Web services for digital health and aged care channels
PRODA – How to register an organisation
PRODA – How to register for an Individual account
Infographic – Registering your Organisation in PRODA (.pdf)
Simulations – How to create a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account
Simulations – Registering your Organisation in Provider Digital Access (PRODA)
Managing organisation members and their delegations

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Help Desk team.

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