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Published: Dec 17, 2018

2018-19 MYEFO – More Home Care Packages

Today, the Government announced a $287 million investment to release an additional 10,000 high level (level 3 and 4) home care packages in 2018-19.

This will result in an additional 5,000 level 3 and 5,000 level 4 packages in 2018-19 to support more senior Australians to receive their approved level of care sooner and remain living at home for longer.

Read more:

2018-19 MYEFO – More Home Care Packages

Published: Dec 17, 2018

Thank You Roshni & Goodbye

Everyone at Management Advantage would like to say thank you to one of our Client Managers, Roshni, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Roshni has been with us for almost 18 years and would have worked at various times with many of you. We wish her all the best for the future and thank her for all the great work she did in supporting our clients over the years and what she has contributed to our team. Goodbye Rosh!

Published: Dec 17, 2018

2018 in Review

2018 has been another big year for us.

We have attended several conferences in states all across Australia showcasing Manad Plus and why we believe it is the leading software application on the market.

We have welcomed several new clients who have implemented Manad Plus into their organisation. Several of these clients have also left existing products to realise the benefits and enhanced features Manad Plus offers.

We have welcomed some new staff members who have joined our team so we can continue to best support all our clients.

This year we have deployed another new version (v5.6) and updated our release frequency so we have already released a further 2 mini-updates to v5.6 with new features and enhancements. We also have a 3rd update about to be finalised before the end of the year.

These releases have incorporated several ‘all-new’ features as well as enhancements to existing features and many client suggestions/requests. There were over 100 pages of Release Notes this year demonstrating the ongoing development work we commit to always improving Manad Plus for our users.

Some of the highlights were:

• An all-new ‘Risk Register’ feature
• A ‘reply’ option was added to a message received via the Messageboard
• Template macros can be created for Progress Notes
• Add your own ‘Guides’ for staff to follow for each of the Monitoring/Charting items
• More powerful charting with Pivot Grids
• An all-new ‘App’ module for those licenced to use the Manad Plus Mobile App
• ‘Report an assault’ and ‘My Incidents’ added to the User module
• More use of colours to tag your Reference items
• Several new reports
• …plus more!

We have also released to our Help Centre new video tutorials on how to use features within Manad Plus. Videos are a great self-learning tool for staff to use and compliment the existing word and screenshot based help documents.

We always want to ensure you are getting everything out of our software and that you are using it to its full potential so please continue to make good use of our self-help tools and training team when needed.

Looking now to 2019…

• We will be building new features to assist with your requirements to meet the new Accreditation Standards
• We have plans for several exciting new features to keep Manad Plus ahead of the curve when it comes to features, analysis of data, reporting and ease-of-use.
• The Manad Plus Mobile App will see greater releases as we add more features to our current versions for Android & Apple
• Finalise the remaining version 4 users to update to version 5, as they are all entitled to the upgrade at no cost, and so they can get the benefits of this new version.

Thanks for all your support in 2018, have a great Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Ben Sturzaker – General Manager

Published: Dec 17, 2018

ICYMI: Aged Care & Healthcare in the News – 17 Dec 2018

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Consumer report shines light on residents’ experience

Inquiry recommends passing of aged care staffing bill

New aged care royal commissioner appointed

Advisory Report on the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018 (.pdf)

Witnesses to appear at royal commission from February

Industry peak releases MYEFO wish list

On-site pharmacist a first for aged care

Surprise announcement comes on top of delays for the aged care royal commission

Published: Dec 14, 2018

My Aged Care Learning Environment now online

The My Aged Care Learning Environment for the My Aged Care Screening and Assessment Workforce is now available online.

The Learning Environment provides seamless access to up-to-date and new content in an interactive online experience. It will be offered to:

• Screening and Assessment workforce members who wish to undertake a new My Aged Care Statement of Attainment
• Aged Care Assessment Team delegates who wish to undertake delegate training
• Nominated Screening and Assessment workplace trainers approved by the Department of Health.

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My Aged Care Learning Environment now online

Published: Dec 14, 2018

Presentation on residential aged care funding reform and updates to the RUCS

Professor Kathy Eagar from the Australian Health Services Research Institute at the University of Wollongong presented at a stakeholder forum on 19 November 2018. Professor Eagar presented version 1 of a casemix classification system which the University suggests could underpin a model for residential aged care funding reform. The presentation also included an update on the Resource Utilisation and Classification Study (RUCS) project.

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Presentation on residential aged care funding reform and updates to the RUCS

Published: Dec 14, 2018

End of year financial reminders from DHS

Christmas period operational dates

All Department of Human Services (DHS) offices will be closed on:

• Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 December 2018
• Tuesday 1 January 2019

Aged Care online channels will be available.

Advance payments for January 2019

DHS will issue January 2019 advance payments for residential care and home care services on 21 December 2018.

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End of year financial reminders from DHS

Published: Dec 13, 2018

Royal Commission Update (13 December 2018)

The preliminary public hearing of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will be held in Adelaide at 10am on Friday, 18 January 2019.

At the hearing the Commissioners will set out their vision for the operation of the Royal Commission, including the conduct of the hearings to follow. Senior Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission will make a brief opening statement. No applications for leave to appear will be entertained. No witnesses will be called.

The hearing will be held at the Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Court Building in Courtroom 11, on Level 3, at 3 Angas St, Adelaide. The hearing will be open to the public although seating will be limited.

The hearing will be streamed live through the Royal Commission’s website and a transcript will be available on this site after the hearing. Further information about the Commission is available on the website.

The Commission will be hearing evidence from witnesses from February. Details about those hearings will be announced in early 2019. Applications for leave to appear at those hearings can be made in accordance with practice guidelines, which will be published on the Commission’s website.

Read more:

Royal Commission preliminary hearing to be on 18 January 2019

Published: Dec 11, 2018

Royal Commission Updates

The Royal Commission updated their Q&A with further points of clarification.

A note cautioning against the risk of defamation has been added:

‘All individuals are recommended to take particular care when considering making submissions or providing information to the Commission that could be defamatory – such as statements or implications that may damage the reputation of another person. There should be some common law or statutory protection available to a person who is sued for defamation provided that any allegedly defamatory statements or imputations in the submissions or information given to the Commission were made by the person in good faith for the proper purposes of the Commission.

If an individual has concerns that information that he or she is considering providing to the Commission may be defamatory, the individual should consider seeking independent legal advice.’

(See RC Update 15[1])

The Royal Commission has today provided additional detail around:

The definitions of mistreatment and abuse

‘In considering the terms ‘mistreatment’ and ‘abuse’, providers should take a common-sense view that considers community expectations. ‘Mistreatment’ is treating someone badly or wrongly. ‘Abuse’ may take the form of financial, sexual, psychological, emotional, or physical abuse. It includes acts that cause harm or distress in situations where there is an expectation of trust in a relationship. That harm or distress may be caused by a single or repeated act or failure to act.

Instances of abuse or mistreatment may include but should not be limited to alleged or suspected reportable assaults which, under section 63-1AA of the Aged Care Act, approved providers of residential aged care must report within 24 hours to local police and the Secretary of the Department of Health.’

Complaints to be included in Question 2

The Royal Commission Secretariat has advised that:

‘The information provided in responses should relate to all complaints whether substantiated or unsubstantiated.’

Read more:

FAQ on Aged Care Approved Provider Information Request – LAST UPDATED 11 December 2018 (.pdf)

Published: Dec 10, 2018

ICYMI: Aged Care & Healthcare in the News – 10 Dec 2018

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Commission to kick off hearings on 18 January

Department backflips on ACFI pain ruling

Sanctions and non-compliance notices on the rise

I’m not a consumer, I’m a person!

Loophole means aged care resident killings ‘woefully under-reported’

Providers asked to give a five-year history of cases of poor care

Is the My Health Record technology out of date?

Published: Dec 10, 2018

New Appointment to Aged Care Royal Commission

The Honourable Richard Tracey AM RFD QC has been appointed as a Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

This appointment follows a request from the Honourable Justice Joseph McGrath for the revocation of his Commission, due to personal family reasons.

Mr Tracey will take up his appointment immediately, joining fellow Commissioner Lynelle Briggs AO.

Until August 2018, Mr Tracey served as a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia for 12 years and has been President of the Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal and Judge Advocate General for the Australian Defence Force.

Mr Tracey’s appointment will have no impact on the timeframe for the conduct of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, with the Royal Commission to submit to the Governor-General an interim report by 31 October 2019 and a final report by 30 April 2020.

Published: Dec 10, 2018

Consultation – Streamlined consumer assessment for aged care

In the 2018-19 Budget, the Government announced that it will design and implement a new framework for streamlined consumer assessments for all aged care services, to be delivered by a national assessment workforce from 2020. The new streamlined assessment process will provide a better experience for senior Australians by ensuring access to the right services to meet their care needs sooner.

The department has released a discussion paper to consult with the aged care sector and interested parties on the design of the streamlined consumer assessment model. For more information, and to provide your input, visit the Consultation Hub.

The consultation closes on Monday, 11 February 2019.

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Consultation – Streamlined consumer assessment for aged care

Consultation Hub – Streamlined Consumer Assessment for Aged Care

Published: Dec 10, 2018

Royal Commission Update (10 Dec 2018)

The initial hearing of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will take place in Adelaide on Friday 18 January.

The Secretariat has advised that it is hoping to publish a Q&A page on their website to assist providers early next week. All enquiries to the Royal Commission secretariat should be directed to

Response to Questions as provided by Royal Commission:

How is “substandard care” defined in questions 1 and 2?

What is covered by the terms “mistreatment” or “abuse”?

In answering questions 1 and 2, providers should include information about occasions where their service or outlet has provided care which did not meet the relevant quality standards under the Quality of Care Principles 2014 or other obligations under the Aged Care Act such as the Charter of Care Recipients Rights and Responsibilities. Providers should also include care which, in their view, did not meet the high standards of quality and safety that the Australian community expects of aged care services. In considering terms such as mistreatment and abuse, providers should take a common-sense view that considers community expectations.

What is meant by the term “systemic failure”?

It is recognised that some occasions of substandard care may be an isolated incident in a service which otherwise provides safe and high-quality care. Others will reflect a breakdown or failure on a broad or systemic basis across the service.

What is the difference between the information provided in relation to question 1 and question 2?

In relation to question 1, providers should include information on all such occasions of substandard care of which they ought to be aware, given their obligations as approved providers under the Aged Care Act and any other obligations under relevant Commonwealth or State and Territory legislation.

In relation to question 2, providers should identify information about complaints made directly to them, or about them to another body such as the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, in relation to substandard care.

Published: Dec 7, 2018

Information for Aged Care Providers – Issue #2018/22

In this issue:

• New Aged Care Quality Standards
• New Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
• Free online pain course for health professionals

Home care:

• Home care packages and the NDIS

Read more:

Information for Aged Care Providers – Issue 2018/22 (.pdf)

Published: Dec 7, 2018

UPDATE: Further advice on limited registration – ACFI 12.4a and 12.4b

The department has considered the concerns of peak sector and allied health representatives regarding its recently published information about allied health professionals with ‘limited’ registration and pain management services under ACFI 12.4a and 12.4b.

In summary, allied health professionals with ‘limited’ registration will be eligible to provide pain management services under ACFI 12.4a and 12.4b provided that they are:

• operating within their scope of practice
• being supervised according to the terms of their registration.

Read more:

Further advice on limited registration – ACFI 12.4a and 12.4b

Department to consult sector on allied health professionals with limited registration providing complex health care services under ACFI 12.4a and 12.4b

Question 5 –Registration requirements for ACFI 12.4a and b

Published: Dec 5, 2018

2017-18 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 now available

The 2017-18 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 is now available to download on the GEN Aged Care Data website.

The report details the operation of Australia’s aged care system during the 2017–18 financial year as well as a snapshot of the system as a whole. It is delivered to Parliament each year by the Minister in accordance with section 63-2 of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Read more:

2017-18 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 now available

2017–18 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 (.pdf)

Infographics – ROACA key facts (.pdf)

Published: Nov 30, 2018

New Aged Care Quality Standards are in law

The new Aged Care Quality Standards (Standards) have been developed through significant consultation and co-design with the aged care sector. The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP has announced this important reform.

The new Standards have now been made in law and will take effect from 1 July 2019.

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New Aged Care Quality Standards are in law

Aged Care Quality Standards

Published: Nov 29, 2018

ACFI Complex Health Care – Pain management (12.3 and 12.4)

New information on Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) 12 Complex Health Care pain management items has been added to the department’s website under ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

This is in response to multiple questions about who qualifies as a health professional for the provision of these services.

It is expected that for the purposes of providing complex pain management treatments under ACFI items 12.4a and 12.4b allied health professionals will hold ‘general’ registration issued by the National Board for their profession.

It is important to note the health professional providing the treatment must be acting within their scope of practice. This means they must only provide treatment which they are qualified to provide.

Read more:

FAQ – ACFI 12 Complex Health Care – Pain Management

Published: Nov 29, 2018

ICYMI: Aged Care & Healthcare in the News – 29 Nov 2018

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Who’s watching? South Australia to debate making CCTV option for all aged care residents

Should Aged Care Workers Be Allowed To Attend Resident Funerals?

Deadly legionella bacteria detected in 170 Queensland hospitals and aged care centres

Govt adds new safeguards to My Health Record

Senate forces My Health Record opt-out extension

‘There’s no personal care for her’: Life for a 102-year-old in Bupa aged care

Bill offers opportunity to ‘opt in’ for CCTV in residents rooms

Royal commission leads to spike in complaints

Resident medication issues raised with Minister

ACFI update challenges pain management practices

Breaking Royal Commission news heard at ITAC 2018

Providers asked to give a five-year history of cases of poor care

Published: Nov 29, 2018

Royal Commission Update (29 Nov 2018)

The Royal Commission will hold a preliminary hearing in Adelaide in December 2018.

The Commission has written to the 100 largest providers of age services nationally asking them to submit a range of information by 7th January.

All other service providers will be asked to submit information at a later date in February.

Some of the questions asked:

• Since 1 July 2013, have there been any occasions when your service or outlet has provided substandard care, including mistreatment and all forms of abuse?
• Since 1 July 2013, has your service or outlet received any complaints or had complaints made about them in relation to substandard care, including mistreatment and all forms of abuse?
• Since 1 July 2013, what (if anything) has your service or outlet done: (a) to ensure that the services it provides are of high quality and safe?
• As at 30 June 2018, did your service or outlet provide services to people younger than 65?
• Does your service or outlet experience difficulties in accessing health care for care recipients?
• What further changes (if any) could your service or outlet make to provide services of higher quality and greater safety and to improve individual outcomes?

Read more:

23 NOV 2018 – Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Letter (.pdf)


Manad Plus users should be able to find a lot of this data easily if you have been documenting everything, see:

• Feedback (Complaint records)
• Adverse Events (Incident records)
• Personnel Courses & Personnel Communication
• Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plans
• Audits
• Case Conference
• Maintenance
• Birthday Report